News and Events

Summer Workshop 2016


Fantazee Dance presents....'So you think you can dance?' Summer Workshop ...more

Tesco Bag Pack Fundraise


Due to the helpers who bag packed at Tesco St Neots 19.7.15 we raised £455.56 which will go towards opportunities for the students to enjoy. ...more

UKSDC - UK Street Dance Championships May 2015


Fantazee took part in the UK Street Dance Championships May 2015 ...more

IDA Exam Session 26.04.15


Fantazee held their 4th Exam Session on Sunday 26th April 2015 ...more

St Neots Community Awards 2015


Fantazee are extremely excited to have received an invitation to the Awards ceremony within the St Neots Community Awards.
To be apart of the environment and see lots of local businesses recognized for such wonderful achievements was fantastic. ...more

Happy 3rd Birthday to Fantazee


Fantazee proudly wish themselves a striking 3rd Birthday with so many achievements under their belt only to move forward each year! ...more

Fantazee Annual Show 2014


Dancing through the Decades ...more

Exam Session October 2014


Fantazee continue to show the success of their school and training with another 100% pass rate on their 3rd exam session in only 2 years ...more

Huntingdonshire Festival 2014


Another Win for the Kronix competition Troupe ...more

Fantazee Funday August 2014


Fantazee Dance and the local community pull together to help raise money towards their Annual show ...more

Examining Session May 2014


Fantazee students keep moving up, with their second Exam session in May 2014, ...more

Easter Workshop 2014


Musical Fananza
All Singing, All Acting, All Dancing Experience with the fabulous Ben Anderson ...more

Annual Show 2013


Another successful Anuual show for Fantazee and it's students.... ...more

Huntingdonshire Festival of dance & Arts 2013


Fantazee' Kronix Troupe took to the Huntingdonshire Festival of Dance & Arts on Sunday 6th October 2013. ...more

Fantazee Summer School 2013


Some of the Students which attended Fantazee Summer School August 2013 - Smiles all Around! ...more

Fantazee Prepare for their first set of Examinations


Fantazee are proud to be putting some of their students through their very first set of Examinations and Medal Tests September 2013 ...more

Fantazee Dance School Raising Money for The British Red Cross Charity


Fantazee love to Help their Community and Charities with doing plenty of fundraising and thinking of lots of fun ways to do this. ...more

Fantazee love to 'Festival'


Fantazee will do anything to please the public by performing at their local Community Events! ...more

Kayleigh Marie sets up Fantazee Dance Productions


Launched February 2013
Principal/Teacher/Choreographer/Artistic Director - Miss Kayleigh Marie ...more

As Fantazee Dance Productions Grow


Fantazee Students Grow as Little Performers

Many of the pupils within Fantazee have been with Kayleigh Marie the Owner since day one, many of them came to to her as shy, non Dancers and now enjoy learning all different Styles.

'Your the best Teacher ever, Thank you for teaching me lots of fun dances'
Quoted by one of Kayleigh Maries Students

Kayleigh herself says..
'I couldnt ask for a better group of pupils to brighten my days up, They have grown so much and have learnt a tremendous amount in a small space of time.
I am extremely Proud and theres nothing better than to see your students turn into confident little Performers.'

Fantazee is only getting bigger and expanding with plenty more disciplines and classes to choose from for everyone out there. ...more