Here are all the Products that are on offer

To purchase any of our products please visit our Reception

We sell Brands such as Melody Bear, Capezio, Bloch and Fantazee's very Own Uniform
Our Clothing is for all ages and shoes for all sizes.

IDT Branded Uniform
IDT have launched their branded logo uniform for examination classes including
Lyrical Jazz
Modern Jazz
This will be available from February 2019 to purchase within the studios itself

Melody Bear Uniform can also be purchased from us
Melody Bear Leotard
Melody Bear Skirt
Melody Bear Wrap Around Cardigan
Melody Bear T-shirt

Soft Jazz Shoes
Foot undeez
Tap Shoes
Ballet Shoes
Character/New Yorkers Shoes
Foot Thongs

Hair Pins
Bun Nets
Dance Bags
Accessories - Ideal for birthdays/Chrismtas etc

Fantazee Uniform 'FDP' Logo must be worn within the school, we would like ALL students attending to have a Fantazee Tshirt within 4 weeks of attendance
Drinks, cakes, snacks are also available from our very own Tuck Shop