Here are some frequently asked questions which I hope will help the New and Existing customers to Fantazee
What classes are best suited to my child?
I have found that children have a lot of energy and depending on their age will depend on what classes they could be interested in. Usually a child between the age of 2-5 years will either be mostly interested in Ballet or Melody Movement, learning through music and stories.
A Junior of the age 6-11 years will most likely be interested in Jazz and Hip Hop due to the most common
acts seen on TV and A Senior age 12+ years is most likely interested in all different types of styles.
This will go on what music the child is interested in and what their peers are also doing, there is no wrong or right so trying a few classes to see which ones are best suited is a great way for your child to explore.

How do I pay?
We have payment schemes set up to suit everyone's needs.
Pay as you go - You can pay for each class as you turn up
4 Weekly Block - You can pay for 4 weeks in advance which gives you a discount
8 Weekly Block - You can pay for 8 weeks on advance which gives you a discount

Does my child need to purchase uniform attire on their first lesson?
This is not a must on the first lesson but if your child is happy in their classes they attend we do suggest they gradually have the correct attire for classes

Where are you located?
Fantazee Studios is off Huntingdon Street (opposite the fire station)
Down to the bottom of the small road, Dairy Court Unit 2

Where can I find your full timetable of classes?
On our Classes page, click on the Timetable link and a full list of the week classes, times, days, prices can be found here

If you still have a question which we haven't answered please contact us by Email: fantazeedance@hotmail.co.uk