Our Team

Miss Kayleigh Marie, Principal is extremely proud with the level of professionalism, experience and Qualifications our Team hold within Fantazee.
All Teachers hold current DBS checks and Qualifications to a high level to guarantee the best training in the area
Miss Gemma Jackson - Teacher

Miss Gemma 1

Katy Watts
Katy Watts - Singing Teacher

Katy trained with Mr Nick Fogarty for years and has plenty of experience singing, coaching and performing live to audiences, Katy is fun, friendly and reliable and we are happy to have her as part of the FDP team.


Rhiannon - Trainee Teacher

Miss Rhiannon is a trusted and long serving student from Fantazee, she has trained under Miss Kayleigh since the age of 11 and is now taking her Teacher Qualifications through Miss Kayleigh and the IDT examination board.
Rhiannon loves the performing arts world and has realised after dancing and singing for the past five and a half years she would love to pass on her own passion for the arts.
Miss Rhiannon will be taking the following classes as part of her Qualification undergoing many hours of assessments, Intro Ballet, Primary Tap, Primary Acro, Beginner Street and Boys Street.
Rhiannon is very excited to be doing her teaching course and will hope to pass in the next two years.
We are excited to be welcoming her onto our team of teachers

Sharon Ellis

Nebbosh and Iosh Certified
HR Manager

Sharon is our friendly face who manages all the background care with Child Protection, HR Managerial duties and the general care with her reception staff.
Sharon has a professional attitude, and is a Licensed Chaperone who helps with events and shows without Fantazee.